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Lilly of the West news October 2012

Lilly of the West does not rest! After having an extensive summer schedule, filled with open air concerts, party gigs and a trip to Lithuania, the band has taken a new direction in style. Two new members have been recruited: Lydmil Stoynev - fiddle and Pavlyn Malinov - drums, percussion, in order to produce a more powerful sound. Guitarist Yasen Vassilev has swapped the acoustic with an electric guitar and Dobro player Michail Shishkov has switched to pedal steel guitar. The two ladies in the band: Svoboda Bozduganova and Lilly Drumeva continue to play upright bass and acoustic guitar respectively.
Thus Lilly of the West sounds more powerful, providing entertainment for wider audiences in the western swing genre. Their idols are such bands as Asleep at the wheel and the Time Jumpers. With this line up they will produce four music videos, recorded live in the studio this weekend. Another video is in the making: Walking after midnight, from the latest album "Swings & heartaches". Featuring Sofia's leading music clubs as well as on the streets at night, revealing some beautiful sights of the lively city. All videos will be available very soon on YouTube. In the meantime, Lilly of the west will perform at Studio 5 jazz club on 22nd November and at the Russian Cultural institute in Sofia on 30th November 2012. Next year, the band will tour in Ireland, (17th and 20th January), Australia (April) and Poland (July). More info, music and videos on: