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Lilly Drumeva looks back to an exciting year, full of events and lots of music!

Lilly Drumeva looks back to an exciting year, full of events and lots of music!

Another year, full of achievements and musical milestones draws to an end for Bulgarian singer/songwriter/music promoter and journalist Lilly Drumeva! Apart from playing with her band, Lilly of the West, she completed many other interesting projects.

One was, a big concert at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, on December 5th featuring classical music Quatro Quartet. The show was entitled “Music of the world”, including popular songs and dances from many countries. Lilly sang in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Slovenian and Habra. The hall was packed and there surely will be a sequence in 2017.

Between 24th and 27th of November, Lilly took part in the Kantfest Belgrade in Serbia. It is a nice festival, dedicated to music and poetry. Lilly performed her original songs and appeared on Serbian National TV.

In October, she accompanied also a delegation of software specialists from Silicon Valley, organizing meetings and events for them. Another highlight of 2017 was the party “20Years Lilly of the West”, to celebrate the band’s anniversary. The concert was at “Studio 5” in Sofia and was attended by many musicians and fans. Special guest for the occasion was young Slovenian singer Ditka. A month earlier, on 11th of September, Lilly visited Ditka in her hometown Prevalje and participated in her new album release concert. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcmo99FA6JY

August was also a very busy month: Lilly of the West performed at the La Roche Bluegrass Festival in France and on the Sofia parks stages. The band played also several weddings at the Black Sea Resorts. In July, Lilly worked again with her partners from California, Larry Biehl and Maggie Kryzer, organizing business meeting and trips around Bulgaria.

On the 9th of July, she performed at the Delta Blues Bar in Sofia, together with guitarist Yasen Vasilev. The show was filmed by BTV, Bulgaria’s biggest private television network. Lilly was interviewed for the program “CoolT”. On 21st of May Lilly of the West performed at the National Art Gallery in Sofia, to honour the European Day of the Museums and Galleries. The show was attended by a large audience, who enjoyed music and art. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsB1FuHyd8I

Another milestone was the release of Lilly’s 10th studio album “Strong Machine”. It received a lot of airplay on the radio and Lilly was a guest on many popular programs. Her song “You can count on me” reached Nr. 4 on the Bulgarian pop charts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuvfwvJhnFM

On 17th of March Lilly and band performed at the Irish embassy to honor St. Patrick’s Day. She sang the Irish national anthem in Gaelic.

Lilly continues her path as a journalist as well, hosting her weekly show on Radio Sofia. In 2016 she invited famous musicians from the Bulgarian pop and rock scene, among them Vasko the Patch, Mary Boys Band, Akaga, Atlas and others.

All in all, another full and productive year for Lilly Drumeva. In 2017 she and Lilly of the West will perform at the prestigious Nasville Jazz Festival in Serbia in August. The new year will begin with a concert at the Delta Blues Bar in Sofia on January 13th. More plans to be announced soon.