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July 2016 - "Country with Lilly" - new show on Bulgarian National Television

"Country with Lilly" - new show on Bulgarian National Television, dedicated to authentic American music & culture

In September 2016 Lilly Drumeva-O'Reilly will start hosting her own TV show dedicated to authentic American genres such as country, western, swing, Americana, bluegrass and folk. Her 30 minutes program will be broadcasted twice a week on Bulgarian Channel TV1. The network is specialized in showing live concerts, opera and ballet. It is a niche market dedicated to music and arts lovers. Apart from live shows TV1 features interesting programs on historic music genres and their major stars.

"Country with Lilly" will be featured in the program of TV1 offering something unique and authentic. It is the only show dedicated to country music and its related genres in Bulgaria. It will be the voice of American music on the Balkans and a place where fans could see their favorite artists. Lilly will be in touch with the audience by answering fan mail and maintaining her page on social media.

The show will consist of appropriate intros, appearances of Lilly talking about the featured artist and their video clips. Material and information will be provided by the Country Music Association, the International Bluegrass Music Association of which Lilly is a member. She has a contract with Aristomedia in Nashville, a company providing videos of independent artist outside the US. Lilly is currently working on receiving material from the major labels and their representatives in Bulgaria. She also subscribes several country music magazines and informs herself on a regular basis.

Lilly Drumeva is a Bulgarian singer, songwriter and music producer. She formed Bulgaria's most successful country and bluegrass band "Lilly of the West" in 1996, still active today. The group has performed in many European countries and the US, winning prestigious awards. Lilly has released ten albums and has organized numerous music events, concerts and festivals. She is also a renowned music journalist and radio presenter (BBC, Balkan Bulgarian Television, Retro Radio, Radio Sofia). Lilly is a Fulbright scholar and has studied music in Nashville, TN. She is the author of the book "In The Mood With Lilly - 50 Music Themes", a music encyclopedia in Bulgarian language. Lilly is also a successful music promoter, organizing tours for American and European artists.