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July 2016 - Lilly's story on TV!

Watch Lilly’s interesting story on Bulgarian TV!


She talks about her life as a professional musician, promoting country music in Bulgaria, her family and work as a journalist and writer.

The program is titled “Country music in Bulgaria – MISSION POSSIBLE!” -

Lilly heard country music in her father’s car back in the 70s. He had a cassette with the greatest hits of Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers. Later, when she was a student in Vienna, her boyfriend took her to a concert of Emmylou Harries. She fell in love with the music and wanted to be just like her.

When Lilly returned to her home country, she formed LILLY OF THE WEST, an acoustic band performing bluegrass and traditional country music. She learned how to promote it and released 10 albums over the years.

In year late 30s Lilly began a successful career as a writer and journalist.

On 8th of October 2016 her band will celebrate its 20-tear anniversary with a big concert at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia.