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Chart topping pop song for Bulgarian bluegrass singer!

Lilly Drumeva, bluegrass pioneer and musician from Bulgaria has released her tenth album "Strong Machine". It is quite a departure from her previous acoustic productions. Lilly has taken a new direction, recording a pop album, featuring ten original songs. One of them "You can count on me" reached No. 4 on the Bulgarian charts. She worked with top Bulgarian producers Stamen Yannev and Nikolay Peev and wrote all of the songs. "I named the album 'Strong Machine' because sometimes I feel like one! It doesn't matter how you look physically, but what you are inside. How much willpower and courage you have. The human sprit is an amazing thing that can achieve great things. 'Strong Machine' is also one of the songs on the CD. It is full of energy and I chose an appropriate cover" shares Lilly in an interview for the Bulgarian national radio.

Although the sound is acoustic-pop, there is a lot of country and bluegrass influences and distinctive harmonies, arranged by Lilly.

A preview of "Strong Machine" could be heard on Lilly's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlzGTnHxdAU and the album is available on CD Baby http://cdbaby.com/cd/lillydrumeva2

She has included also a bluegrass song at the end - "Country in my soul". It is recorded in Bulgaria and Slovakia and features top Slovak musicians Michal Barok (mandolin), Simona Schmidova (banjo), Dushan Hronec (guitar) and Anton Naroda (upright bass). This is not the first international project of Lilly Drumeva. In 2009 she recorded an album with Czech bluegrass band Monogram and has worked with other top European and American musicians.

"It is hard to make a living with bluegrass in Bulgaria. People are not familiar with it. I have dedicated 20 years of my life promoting it through my shows, radio programs and albums. Everybody who hears it likes it a lot, but it's a hard sell. So, this time after releasing 9 acoustic albums I decided to go pop. I felt it was time to go with the flow and produce a "radio friendly" album that would be played across the country. I hope my friends like my new music. I know, some will say - 'it is too mainstream, it is too remote…' But Patsy Cline did it too. And it paid off!" continues Lilly.

She plans to return to bluegrass in the future and will play with her band "Lilly of the West" at La Roche Bluegrass Festival, 4th -7th of August 2016.