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Lillys news - April 2019

Lilly Drumeva releases new album "Drumul"!

Lilly Drumeva releases new album "Drumul"!

Bulgarian singer-songwriter, Lilly Drumeva has just released her 11th studio album. It is called 'DRUMUL' which in Romanian means 'The Road'. It features 16 songs in 12 languages - Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Slovakian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Jewish, English and Bulgarian. It will take you on a musical journey with Lilly in order to explore the magic and beauty of different countries and cultures. The album title is also connected with Lilly's last name, Drumeva, which means 'The one who is always on the road'.

'DRUMUL' features four songs in Romanian, written by popular singer-songwriters, such as Mircea Rusu, 'Ai Suflet Trist', 'Campuri Auri', Vasile Mardare, 'Ninge Fara Tine' and Maria Gheorghiu, 'Aripi De Drum'. In 2018 Lilly visited Romania several times and performed live on national radio and TV. She collaborates with famous Romanian artists, such as Marcian Petres?u, Ovidiu Nicolescu, Alina Manole, Andrei Rotariu, Narcisa Suciu and others. She started to work with one of the best impresarios for acoustic music and art in Bucharest - Dana Cristescu.

Lilly recorded a beautiful ballad in Croatian, 'Posle Ljubavi', written by her friend and fellow musician, Vedran Ivorek. In Slovenian she recorded the song 'Ne Bodi Kot Drugi', made famous by Slovenian singer Ditka and written by poet Franc Lainscek. In Bulgarian Lilly chose to cover a strong, folky ballad written by her friend and colleague, Margarita Drumeva. Lilly wrote also a brand new song for this album, entitled 'Shtom Sum S Teb' ('When I'm With You'). It features Slovakian bluegrass band, Candyfloss. In her new album she chose to sing also a Slovakian song - 'Stado', written by country singer, Allan Mikusek.
'DRUMUL' contains also several hits from the past: 'Ein Bischen Frieden' (a German song, performed by singer Nicole in 1982, winner of the Eurovision song contest), 'La Plus Belle Pour Aller Dancer' (a French song performed by singer Silvie Vartan in 1964), 'Hoy' (a world hit by Gloria Estefan in 2003), 'Pozovi menya' (a strong Russian ballad by vocal group Lyube from 2000), 'Horchat Hai Caliptus' (a heartfelt Jewish song, a big hit for singer Ishtar in 2005), 'Sava Tiho Tece' (a big hit in former Yugoslavia by Plavi Orchestar, a popular band from Sarajevo, 1986).
Lilly recorded also an Irish song - 'The Keg of Brandy' which she learned from Irish singer Karen Casey.

'DRUMUL' was recorded in February and March 2019 by Stamen Yanev in Sofia, Bulgaria. Stamen is also responsible for the beautiful strings arrangements. The album features violin tracks by Pepa Malina (Czech Republic) and Mihal Barok (Slovakia).

Lilly Drumeva is a Bulgarian singer, songwriter, journalist and music producer. She formed Bulgaria's most successful country and bluegrass band "Lilly of the West" in 1996, still active today. The group has performed in many European countries and the US, winning prestigious awards. Lilly has released ten albums and has organized numerous music events, concerts and festivals. She is also a renowned radio and TV presenter, hosting music programs for the past 15 years (BBC, Balkan Bulgarian Television, Retro Radio, Radio Sofia). Lilly is also a Fulbright scholar and has studied music in Nashville. She is the author of the book "In The Mood With Lilly - 50 Music Themes", a music encyclopedia in Bulgarian language. Lilly has also built up a reputation as a successful music promoter, organizing tours for American and European artists. She is the director of the Sofia Singer Songwriter Fest, a 5-day festival, dedicated to acoustic folk music and poetry (https://www.sssf.eu/).
For more information about Lilly and her new album, 'DRUMUL', please visit www.lillydrumeva.net or write to lilly@techno-link.com

Lilly Drumeva