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Lilly Drumeva to have several concerts in the summer and a new album and to take part in festivals in Romania and Slovenia!

Lilly Drumeva to have several concerts in the summer and a new album and to take part in festivals in Romania and Slovenia!

The summer is going to be very busy for the Bulgarian country singer, who also released a new album recently. The collection is called “Drumul” and includes 16 songs in 12 languages. The title is Romanian and means "The Road“.
Over the last few years, the road took Lilly through the Balkan countries, where she held concerts in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Romania. Currently, the singer is performing the album songs live, at capital city clubs, new festivals are also to come.
Lilly’s first performance is on June 22 at Bash Bar together with the guitarist Yasen Vasilev. The two musicians have long been partners as part of the band Lilly of the West. Country and blues hits will be played at this concert with an accent on the great American legends Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. Lilly’s next performance is on June 28 at the Art E Fakt Club along with the whole Lilly of the West. The program there includes jazz and swing, songs from the ninth album of the band Swings and Heartaches. The British musician Steve Lowis will be a special guest at the event.

On July 7, Lilly and her band are playing at the Zaimov Park on the open-air stage in front of Sofia Theater. The concert is free and includes the best of what the group has performed over the years. On July 12, Lilly is giving a concert at the Art Foundation Club, along with Krasimir Parvanov (a musician in the band Tochka BG).

Tours in Romania and Slovenia are to follow. In the former, in addition to the concerts in Bucharest and Bra?ov, Lilly is to shoot a film for her album “Drumul”. The director is the famous Romanian artist Mariana Pachis. In Slovenia, Lilly is taking part in the Open Call Festival in mid-August, where she will perform her own songs.

Even now the singer is working on the third edition of Sofia Singer Songwriter Fest – a festival for singer-songwriters consisting of three competition evenings, warm-up program, recitals and after-parties. The event will take place on September 27 - 29 at Club Studio 5. Artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, the USA and Bulgaria will be performing.

Lilly Drumeva is a singer, songwriter, founder and front-musician of the most successful country and bluegrass band in Bulgaria – Lilly of the West. She has produced and released ten studio albums, organized European tours, concerts and festivals. Lilly of the West have been awarded at competitions in the Netherlands, France and the USA. For 20 years now, Lilly Drumeva is a pioneer of and driving force behind the development of country and bluegrass music on the Balkans. She is member of the board of the European and World Country and Bluegrass Association, representing Eastern Europe. Lilly Drumeva is a music journalist too, sporting more than 15 years of experience working for the BBC, Retro Radio, Radio Sofia, Horizont, BBT, Radio Binar. She specialized in country and bluegrass music in the USA under the Fulbright Program. She is also author of the book “Mood with Lilly – music in 50 themes”, which presents the genres of country, bluegrass, blues, swing, rock ‘n’ roll etc. Additionally, Lilly Drumeva is a successful impresario working with American and European artists. Last but not least, she organizes the international festival for sung poetry called Sofia Singer Songwriter Fest.